Spouts and caps for Doy-Pack

Nowadays, in the modern packaging market, there are a large niche that has been occupied by flexible packages with fittings-caps, which are actively replacing other types of packaging both in the food industry and in the sectors of household chemicals, cosmetics and medicine. Manufacturers of products begin to switch to packages with a dispenser, thereby experimenting with both the package itself and the most convenient way to extract the product from the package. INOLIKA offers fittings with caps for doy-pack packages. These fittings are mounted instead of one corner at the top of the bag or in the middle of the bag and are equipped with an opening control system.


This packaging option allows you to extract the required amount of liquid from the bag and close it tightly, reduces the interaction with oxygen, thereby creating convenience for the consumer. A bag with a dispenser is suitable for different types of both liquid and pasty food products: baby food, sauces, jams, condensed milk, yoghurts, mashed potatoes, honey, as well as auto chemical goods and household chemicals: shampoos, gels, non-freezing liquid and much more.


INOLIKA offers our customers a wide selection (more than 50 options) of different fittings with caps for flexible packaging.