Wipf Multi-layer aluminum foil film for sealants

For manufacturers of polyurethane sealants, INOLIKA company offers wholesale supply of multilayer foil film for packaging silicone, polyurethane and acrylic sealants, produced by the Swiss company WIPF. 162 mm wide film is available with or without printing.


Such packaging is lighter in weight, the sealant in the foil bags is more convenient to use on large construction sites, in addition, the packaging of sealants in a multilayer film will maintain excellent product quality until the end of the shelf life, as well as much cheaper then packaging in cartridges and easier to use with large volumes of work. The sealant is apply using a hand gun.


Composition of the film: Polypropylene 25 microns / Aluminum 25 microns / Polypropylene 25 microns.

Vapor permeability: <0.02 g / m2 24 hours

Permeability to oxygen: <0.02 cm3 / m2 24 h bar

Sealing Temperature: 160-170 ° C

Sealing Strength> 30 N / 15 mm

The shelf life of the final product is up to 18 months