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Coffee degassing valve

Made with the highest quality degassing valve company PLITEK stabilize the excess pressure in the packaging of your coffee and seal will protect its contents from the effects of atmospheric oxygen, dust and other contaminations.

Installing Pli-Valv valve in your package will allow you to package coffee immediately after the heat treatment and refining in order to preserve freshness and taste of your product. You can avoid unnecessary costs, waiting for your coffee will cease to allocate gas after roasting, and, at the same time, be absolutely sure that your customer gets your quality product at its best.

Coffee degassing valve

One-way valve – Transparent or metallized

Simple design, very thin, bearing the sticking layer of the valve placed on solid polyester tape. Standard Pli-Valv valve and a device for their installation packages are compatible or can be readily adapted to any of your packaging equipment.

You do not need to sort or re-orient the valve during installation. There is no need to apply termoprivarku valve to the package. Using Pli-Valv valve will allow you to save on the cost of the equipment and significantly reduce its simple.

Pli-Valv valve can be set manually. Each roll contains 6,000 or more valves to your equipment running longer between changeovers. Three types of standard design valves can be supplied by us for your application immediately and in any quantity. If our standard models of valves for any parameters you do not fit, we will design and manufacture valves according to your specification.

By order we produce bags of freshly roasted coffee with the installation of an external degassing valve.
Packages are available with the symbols of the Customer or impersonal.
If you already have a ready-made packages for coffee and you want your package was equipped with a degassing valve, – our ability to rapidly install the PLI-VALV valve already manufactured bag.
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The principle of operation of the valve

Coffee degassing valve