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Coffee degassing valve (internal)

klapan2When storing the coffee is very important as much as possible to preserve its taste and aromatic properties. Today recognized as the best packaging sealed packaging with degassing valve. After roasting and packing of coffee packets in them continues to stand coffee gas, which may impair packaging. And if the package will penetrate oxygen, the coffee can oxidize and eventually lose its original flavor. In order to avoid this and keep the flavor, use packing with an internal welded degassing valve WICOVALVE®.

Degassing valve WICOVALVE® applied to various kinds of raw materials, sensitive to pressure levels, the fill volume and equipped with filters absorbing particles. That is why there are several types of valves. The most popular are W016, W606, W616 and W113.

Coffee – this product is very hygroscopic, and therefore able to absorb from the environment odors and moisture. Therefore, an important role is packaging. It should be immediately after roasting coffee packaging it in a package and the installation of degassing valves WICOVALVE®Дегазационные кофейные клапана will allow you to extend the taste qualities of coffee and keep the packaging intact.

Initially, the internal degassing valves are designed to protect coffee from external influence, but in recent years their production technology has been improved and matched to other products, such as dough, sauerkraut, soy products, and others.

“INOLIKA” is the official dealer of one of the leading manufacturer of internal valves in the world – the company WIPF (

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  • A clear opening at low pressure
  • Design, light weight 32%
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100% quality control
  • Less than 0.01% of claims
  • Effective “technology Watches”

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