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Plastic material Slider

Technology “Slide-Rite” – the possibility of multiple closing of the package with a plastic lock SLIDER.

Packages with locks fastener Slider known to consumers as convenient to use and store a variety of food and non-food items such as stationery, sports equipment, personal hygiene items, cosmetics, detergents, wipes, cheese and cold meats, snacks, confectionery products, biscuits, pet food, coffee, tea, milk mixture, nutrition

Consumer preferences in the use of reusable bags with lock – sliders consist of several basic components of a given element of packaging:

  • Easy opening package
  • Safe storage of the product
  • Correct dosing of the product
  • Easy closing package

Advantages of the technology “Slide-Rite”:

  • Advanced technical packaging design,
  • Safety in storage products,
  • The favorable positioning on the shelves,
  • Advantage added to the packaging concept

Proposed options Track- Track: Standard and barrier (sealed)
Slider-type slider to optimize the customer can pick up the package of: color, shape, size, scope and functions.
End-lock slider elements: clip, pressing or ultrasonic welding
Slider option is already implemented in conjunction with the packaging solutions:

  • Bag making machine: Totani, Mamata, Nishibe, Waterline, CMD, B & B, Hudson Sharpe;
  • Horizontal packaging machines: Bossar, Volpak, Laudenberg, KHS;
  • Vertical packaging machines: UVA, Roberts, Rovema, Pac Mac;
  • Thermoforming machines: Multivac, CFS, Rapid Pak

We summarize the positive aspects of using the Slider in the package:
+ Security product
+ Integration with packing machines,
+ Tried multiple solution packages
+ Sealed and barrier packaging,
+ Easy opening as a convenience,
+ Added value in the product concept,
+ Help in the positioning of the brand.

Our advantages:

  • high quality packaging
  • Short delivery time
  • competitive prices
  • support and technical advice

It is possible to manufacture any size slider.

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