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Plastic material Zipper

Zip замок для упаковкиReusable plastic locks EL-ZIP®, manufactured by ELPLAST, known for the largest producers of the food industry, pharmaceuticals, animal feed producers as well as companies providing services for packaging and packing.

A wide range of products, as well as its highest quality, allow ELPLAST occupies a leading position among the world’s manufacturers of reusable zipper-type locks, which supports an extensive list of consumers, with more than 350 companies in 40 countries.

ELPLAST uses only the best raw materials, adhering to the most advanced international standards of quality, taking strict measures to ensure food safety as evidenced by compliance with integrated quality control system: ISO 22000: 2005 and the global standard BRC / IoP.

Continuous development of the packaging industry defies our knowledge, the ability to be open to new trends, the competence of our employees, so we always know what our customers need.

Castle Castle ZipperPlastikovy refillable opening – zipper is addressed to customers who have both horizontal and vertical packaging machines and machines for the production of packages that want to improve the quality of their packaging for the end-user an easy and effective way.Замок Зиппер

We offer zipper EL-ZIP® width from 3 to 50 mm, made of polyethylene and propylene, combined with films welded layers of PE, CPP and OPP and BOPP. Temperature range of welding: 105 ° -170 ° C.

Due to technical capabilities, the plant can produce ELPLAST zipper, koekstruzirovav several layers, such as a layer with improved welded properties, the barrier layer, a layer of a guarantee, a color layer, etc.

The priority is the quality of reusable locks EL-ZIP®, which is achieved by using only the best raw materials, management and continuous optimization of the production process.

We use certified in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 quality control system, constantly improving it, making every effort to not only correct their own mistakes, but also to anticipate and avoid them.

Certificate BRC / IoP British Retail Consortium and the Institute of Packaging – confirms the conformity of our packaging and packaging materials to the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety in all areas of the company.

Установка замка Zip_Lock

The advantage of using zipper:

  • freshness of the product
  • possibility to use multiple
  • the possibility of storing the product in its original packaging
  • protection from spillage, humidity and insects
  • improving the appearance of the package

Products packed with zipper El-ZIP®:

  • coffee, tea, cappuccino, cocoa
  • herbs, spices
  • cheese
  • meat
  • dry fruits
  • biscuits, sweets, chewing gum
  • rice, pasta
  • frozen food, seafood
  • animal feed
  • tobacco, cigarette filters
  • cleaners
  • fertilizers
  • cosmetics

Our advantages:

  • transparent delivery
  • High quality material
  • competitive prices
  • short delivery time
  • convenient payment terms
  • service and technical advice

We invite you to work with us!

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