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Stretch film

We offer stretch film, manufactured from a linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and intended for transport packaging of goods on pallets.

Stretch-film has high elasticity, resistance to impact and puncture resistance, excellent adhesiveness with one hand.

Several unique types of stretch films satisfy the needs of our customers for the packaging of various products.

The choice depends on the type of film packed cargo type palletoobmotochnogo equipment, especially transport and storage of packaged goods. The type of film depends on the stability of your company at the final stage of packaging and cargo safety. Stretch film is made with modern hi-tech equipment from raw materials LDPE manufacturers.

Russian state standards and state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms.

Hand stretch film P – for hand packaging products on pallets without the use of special equipment.

Film for packing cargo transport on a pallet with a special palletoobmotochnogo equipment:

  • Basic stretch film P1 – for packaging legkodeformiruemyh cargo on semi-regular shape without palletoobmotchiki prestretcha node;
  • Standard P2 – for packaging production and cargoes on semi palletoobmotchiki a node prior prestretcha;
  • Special P3 – for packaging of heavy and special cargo on semi-automatic assembly prior to palletoobmotchiki prestretcha;
  • Universal P4 – conveyor for packaging of goods in the production of high-performance automatic palletoobmotchiki.