Packaging Equipment

INOLIKA offers to supply a whole range of packaging materials and equipment for them for manufacturers in Russia and the CIS. If you didn’t find the packaging solution that you need, please, contact us. The specialists of our company have many years of experience working with packaging of different types, and will help you solve any problem with the supplying of  packaging materials / equipment.
ELPLAST EL-ZIP® Press to Close Zipper
Press to close zippers by ELPLAST Poland
Degassing valves
Best solution for coffee packaging
Outside degassing valves
degassing valves for installation on the outside of the package
Abarka SkirtAll® packaging
Another way to make packaging more convenient and functional
Fibrillated, non-fibrillated, twisted or non-twisted tapes
 INOLIKA is an official distributor of Koltex in Russian Federation and CIS.

About company

The activity of the multi-profile association “INOLIKA” is aimed at supplying packaging materials and equipment to the enterprises of the EAEU. Our goal is to have the reputation of the most professional and innovative partner in the packaging market. Years of experience in the implementation of plastics and the introduction of packaging equipment, regular consultations with manufacturing companies and service support allow us to respond quickly to the needs of customers and to offer the best product range and individual cooperation conditions. The proposed packaging materials and equipment meet the highest requirements and standards for manufacturers, made from high-quality materials and based on the latest international quality standards, that allow to maintain the safety of the product in absolute rigor. The continuous development of the packaging industry encourages us to improve our knowledge. The innovation and competence of our employees are ahead of the future expectations of our partners.

Why choose us

1. Constant availability of goods in stock

1. Constant availability of goods in stock

The presence of products in stock is one of the fundamental goals for us.  We always strive to provide our customers with goods in the shortest possible time, therefore we constantly maintain the optimal number of different items at our warehouse.
Fast delivery

Fast delivery

We cooperate with most transport companies and independent aggregators in the central region, that allows   us to reduce the cost of delivery for our customers. Our clients can choose any Transport company that will be convenient for them.
Reliability and quality

Reliability and quality

Quality and reliability are our fundamental values. Our company is an official distributor of large European and American  industrial manufacturers. We don’t sell goods of doubtful quality at low prices, that’s why we guarantee the stable operation of our products and the minimum number of rejects.
4. Loyalty program

4. Loyalty program

We provide our regular customers with a delay of payments for our goods and that allows them to get an additional financial benefits