INOPACK LLC is a member of the INOLIKA group of companies. INOPACK is supplier of new and used packaging equipment from all over the world and also manufacturer of the semi-automatic applicators for degassing valves.

If your product has specific packaging requirements, we will help you to find all necessary equipment that will fully satisfy your company’s business needs in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Below, you can see the types of equipment and components that we supply to manufacturers in the Russian Federation and the CIS.


  • Machines for wrapping boxes in polypropylene film.
  • DoyPack machines
  • StickPack machines
  • Machines for packing tea in a 2-chamber filter package
  • Ejectors
  • Vacuum grips and suction cups
  • Modular Vacuum Pumps
  • Intelligent Vacuum Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Applicators of inside and outside degassing valves (automatic / semi-automatic)
  • Automatic zip tape applicators (zip-lock)

You can get more detailed information about the equipment and its technical characteristics on the link below: