ELPLAST EL-ZIP® Press to Close Zipper

INOLIKA is the official representative of ELPLAST Sp. z o.o in Russia and EAC.

EL-ZIP® reusable plastic locks are suitable for most products, you can find them on packages containing: coffee, tea, spices and herbs, cheese, meat, dried fruits, nuts and snack mixes, cookies, chewing gum, rice and pasta, frozen seafood, pet food, tobacco, cosmetics, household goods, and more. EL-PLAST products are presented in more than 60 countries, on 6 continents of the globe.

Due to its technical capabilities, the ELPLAST factory can produce reusable plastic locks by coextruding several layers, for example: a layer with improved welded properties, a barrier layer, a guarantee layer, a color layer, etc.

INOLIKA LLC together with the ELPLAST Sp. z o.o constantly focuses on the quality of reusable EL-ZIP® locks, which is achieved by using only the best raw materials, continuous optimization of quality management systems and the production process. The production is certified in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005, EN ISO 14001: 2004 and BRC Packaging. All this confirms that the packaging materials that we supply comply with the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety.

Reusable plastic locks EL-ZIP® have great variability, have various lock designs, width from 3 to 50 mm and are compatible with polyethylene (PE), polypropylene film (CPP), have a welding temperature of 105 to 170 ° C, are suitable for use in most commonly used packaging machines. Below, you can find packaging equipment compatible with EL-ZIP® reusable locks:

Vertical filling equipment:

Velteko, Ilapak, Rovema, Wulf, Hastamat, Masek, Bestrom, Signal Pak.

Bag making equipment:

Totani, Nisshinbo, Doosan, Hudson-Sharp, Waterline.

Horizontal filling equipment:

Effytec, Volpak, Totpak, Bosar, MesPack, SN, Omag-Pack, PFM, Record Packaging Systems, Packmatic.

Thermoforming equipment:

Ulma, Multivac