Z-tab® sealing membranes

for any product that requires a packaging solution such as a sealing membrane. With a possibility of individual printing on – you can strengthen the image of your brand, as well as minimize the risks associated with the falsification of your products.

Household chemicals and petrochemical industry

Agrochemicals, petrochemical products, as well as household chemicals, require perfect sealing. Z’TAB® sealing membranes help ensure maximum sealing of packaged raw materials and are highly resistant to most chemicals and petroleum products.


Manufacturers of cosmetics devote great importance to the storage of products and the appearance of the packaging. Z’TAB® provides high-level product storage, has a special “tongue” for easy opening and complies with the European Cosmetic Packaging Directive.


Products for the medical sector must ensure the highest standards in terms of safety and product quality. Z’TAB® offers all the necessary guarantees of safety and stability, and also complies with all European pharmacopeia and FDA standards.